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The first book in The Spiral Pathways series! This fantasy/adventure/romance series set in Scotland in the 1740s is a wonderful way to not only enjoy a novel, but learn the basics of Witchcraft as you read. The main character, Saorsa Stuart, utilizes Spiral Pathways witchcraft, which is taught thorugh various programs on this site by the author, Tava Baird. 


This book is intended for adults and is not suitable for children. Contains very high-heat romance scenes, violence, alcohol use, and horror elements. (And, of course, boatloads of witchcraft.)


From the back cover:


September 1746, the Scottish Borders. In a country still reeling from the Jacobite uprising, Saorsa Stuart, a practicing Witch and Bonnie Prince Charlie's niece, has escaped imprisonment and must find her way west in search of her father and safety. Escorting her on the journey is Alexander Scott, a veteran of the Battle of Culloden, who struggles with a dark supernatural secret. 

Part Faerie tale, part romance, and part adventure novel, and at its core the story of a young woman finding her own power, Wyldwood is a love story to the heritage of the Scottish Borders, the pagan practices of our ancestors, and the ancient tales of Scotland.

Book 1 The Spiral Pathways: Wyldwood (Signed Copy), Fiction

  • Please let us know if anything is physically wrong with your book within three weeks of purchase and we will happily replace it or, if necessary, issue a refund.

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