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Resources & Links

To support our growing community,  below are resources, information and links to help you on your journey. Links for support material for The Witch of Wolfcroft Education series are also at the bottom.

Please Scroll Down to the Bottom for Witch of Wolfcroft Resources! Thank you!

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Links for The Witch of Wolfcroft : Spiral Pathways

Hello there again - you've found the Witch of Wolfcroft Guidebook One Resource Link Page!

Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you find these links helpful!




(Please note that while I link to Amazon for all books, I'm not getting any perks from's just an easy way to help you see all the information about the book.)

Please check back, as more resources will be added over time!


Here are links to books mentioned in the Introduction. 

The Spiral Pathways Series

Drawing Down the Moon 

The Spiral Dance

Women Who Run With the Wolves

Magical Rites from the Crystal Well


Lessons One and Two: History and On Becoming a Witch Links

This is a great (if somewhat overly dramatic) British show on the history of modern witchcraft and Gerald Gardner. Good information, but also gives you an idea of how the general public often views Pagans.

I mentioned both Raymond Buckland and Scott Cunningham in the book. Here is a link to a short Youtube video (Part 1) with both of them in it many years ago explaining Wicca to a television audience. Feel free to view Part 2 as well if you are so inclined!

Lessons Three and Four: The Spiral Pathway and Head, Heart, and Belly

Willow Ridge Reiki Sound Recordings

Big Magic (Book)

American Tribal Style Belly Dance Video

Fat Chance Belly Dance Classes

Datura Belly Dance Classes Online

Group Belly Laugh Video

TED Talk on Laughter Yoga

Lessons Five and Six: The Sun and the Moon and Guides

Here's a lovely little video for you to go with your on The Horned God:

Lessons Seven: The Wheel of the Year

How to Make a St. Brigid's Cross

St. Brigid's Cross Video 

Grove and Grotto: The Eight Sabbats

Clootie Well Article

Lesson Eight: How to Eat Magick

Apple Turnover Recipe

Tea Magick

How to Make Kombucha 

Homemade Fire Cider

Green Goddess Dressing

Melt and Pour Soap

Black Salt

Makeup Magick

Skin Care Recipes

Books on Magickal Correspondences:

Complete Book

Cunningham's Herbs

Lessons Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve: Clearing Space, Grounding and Centering, and Incense, Blessing Water, and The Magick Broom

Making Incense

Another Great Incense Source


Making a Hand Broom Part 1 :

Making a Hand Broom Part 2:

Broom Making Lesson -Dancing Goats Part 1

Broom Making Dancing Goats Part 2

Broom Making Lesson Dancing Goats Part 3

Broom Kits from Sunhouse Craft

Lessons Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen and Sixteen: The Circle, Opening Doors, Banishing, and Bed Blessing and Warding 

Magick Circle Video

History of the Pentagram

Lessons Seventeen, Eighteen, and Nineteen: Dreamwork, Dream Pillows, and Book of Shadows

A video on turning your Book of Shadows into a very personal, and very lovely piece of art is here:

Introductory Bookbinding Links:

Coptic Stitch Journal

DIY Hardcover Book

Bookbinding Kits and Supplies

Lessons Twenty and Twenty-one: Candle Magick and a Cord-Cutting Spell

Practical Candleburning Rituals (Book)

Introduction to Candle Magick Article

Lesson Twenty-two: An Amulet Bag

Norse Mythology for Smart People

Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic

Lessons Twenty-three, Twenty-four, Twenty-five, and Twenty-six: Celebrating with Others, Structure of a Coven, Places of Power, and Witchcraft in Everyday Life 

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft

Understanding Altars

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