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Books by Tava Baird

The Spiral Pathways Book One: Wyldwood (2022)

The Spiral Pathways Book Two: Circle of Three (2022)

The Spiral Pathways Book Three: The Deck of Crows (2022)

The Spiral Pathways Book 4: Darkflower (2022)

The Spiral Pathways Book Five: Bonewytch (November 2023)

The Spiral Pathways Book Six: The Book of High Places (2024)

The Elementals Series, Book One: The Ballad of Birdie MacLeod (February 2024)

Singing to the Bones: A Bonecaster's Notebook (2023)

Of Clay and Cloth: Poppets and Healing Companions for the Spiritual Journey (2023)

The Darkflower Oracle Guidebook (2024)

For wholesale orders and signed copies of books, please contact Tava Baird at or through this site.

Darkflower signed books and prints will be available on Faire beginning in November 2023.

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Books by Tava Baird

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The World of
Spiral Pathways

Released November 2023 :: Book 5


Saorsa Stuart and Alexander Scott return for an all-new adventure that will take them into a twisted world created by the mind of The Magician in Book 5: Bonewytch. Saorsa and Alex must navigate The Arcanum, a living laboratory of  The Magician's experiments in magick, which often go haywire and threaten not only their lives, but their souls as well. 

Have you ever  wondered what it would be like to be trapped inside a living Tarot deck full of doomed creatures, monsters, and the remnants of forgotten power? Come along on the journey this November! Sign up for the mailing list to get a notification when the book is released!

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