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This book was written as a companion book for the Poppet Making Kits and Classes!


Utilizing dolls for healing has a long tradition in many cultures throughout the world. In Of Clay and Cloth, author Tava Baird, who has spent nearly four decades studying and following in the pagan community, shares her method on how to learn the art of poppet construction and usage to aid in a healing journey. From setting intentions to incorporating color magick, knot magick, and numerology into your designs, Tava walks you through the creation of your first poppet and then provides inspiration to go deeper into the art form. Written to accompany workshops that Tava teaches in the pagan community, Of Clay and Cloth is a book about positivity, support, and cherishing our shared humanity.

Of Clay and Cloth: Poppets and healing Companions for the Spiritual Journey

  • Please let us know if anything is physically wrong with your book within three weeks of purchase and we will happily replace it or, if necessary, issue a refund.

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