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Book Four of the Series introduces more about The Morrigan and her family and dives into bone-casting as a major element of the story. From the back cover:


It's time for the Darkflower to bloom...

The winter of 1746 has come to the Scottish Borders, and Saorsa Stuart and her companions are reeling from the Faerie attack at the Witches' Circle at Morrigan's Cave. With Alex now in the hands of the Violet Woman, Saorsa must now rise to lead the charge against their enemies from Faerie, uniting her allies and venturing into a new form of magick to gain the advantage. Will she be able to draw the Violet Woman out and defeat her, or has she lost Alexander Scott forever? And if she is successful, will she ever be the same?

Book 4 The Spiral Pathways: Darkflower (Signed Copy), Fiction

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