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The Witch's Tools

The Witch's Tools.

A Book of Shadows is a book of spells, notes, recipes, and rituals that is personal to the witch who owns it. In some traditions, the book is handmade by the witch's mentor for their student, and selections from the mentor's personal book are copied into the new book by the student in order to preserve the tradition. Each book is unique. There will never be two books exactly alike in the history of the world.

I strive to keep this tradition alive by handmaking books for students and teaching classes on how to bind your own book.


A traditional Book of Shadows. Made for a student by Tava Baird.

Leather, paper, glass, iron key, waxed linen thread.

Scythe by Stone Heart Forge

Butterfly Skull by Idol Hands

Darkflower Books & Folk Art

Keep the Old Ways alive!

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