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The First Book in the New Spiral Pathways Witchcraft Education Series is HERE!

Hey everyone! For the last few months something sneaky has been going on on this site. While newsletters and classes and events went on like normal, in a hidden part of the site there were Witches testing out a Spiral Pathways Witchcraft Education program. These are all the initial lessons I give to me students as I have mentored them over the years along with hands-on projects, and my group of hidden Witches was helping me edit and giving me feedback as I put them in writing for the first time. And now you too can take the course they just went through, complete with an section on this site with links to videos, tutorials, documentaries, and my favorite Witchcraft supply sites.

From the back cover:

Artist and author Tava Baird has been a practicing Wiccan for over thirty-five years and has mentored people interested in Paganism and Witchcraft for decades to help them take their first steps onto a new path. In this series, she puts down on paper the tried-and-true lessons she uses with her students to help you explore what it means to be a Witch. Each lesson has additional resources online for you to access to support your journey and specific assignments to help you connect with your ancestors, the earth, and the magick inside and all around you.

You don't learn Witchcraft. You REMEMBER it. It is your birthright, buried in your bones, passed down to you from our common ancestors who connected with the elements and understood the power of the Earth and the power inherent in each of us. This book is for the seekers, the curious, and the people who type "learn witchcraft" into a search engine and get forty thousand slick videos in return and don’t know who to trust or where to begin (side note: witchcraft is anything but slick.) It’s for the people on my mentoring waiting list and the people I meet at markets and fairs who are just starting out. It’s for the people who gather around tables in my bone-casting and poppet-making class and say "I’ve never quite fit in".

It’s for those people who felt something authentic when they read The Spiral Pathways series and want to find their own stone circle. And whether you end up as a Witch or not, you’ll hopefully at least come away with some new ideas.

As a person who is passionate about history and holds a degree in archaeology, I want to preserve the Old Ways for future generations. I believe we can learn from the past, and that the practices of our ancestors help us connect to nature. Witchcraft helps you tap into the natural, wild side of the self, and helps us all remember that we are a part of the world, not separate from it.

Welcome to the Circle.

-Tava Baird

If you are one of the people who has written me over the past year asking "How do I learn magick?" or "Can I get on your mentoring waiting list?" ....this was written FOR YOU. And I am happy to answer any questions you have, just write me through the site. It's a lot cheaper than mentoring and has all the same lessons you would get if I was visiting with you. And there's about to be a Discord group created where you can go and chat with me and others about the lessons if you wish!

Link to the paperback is here:

The Kindle version will be out in a few days, and it will be with me at markets starting in June!

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