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The Darkflower Oracle Deck Has Begun!

Holy. Freaking Cow.

The Darkflower Oracle Deck has taken flight!

Found the company I think I'm going to use to publish last night, started a document for the companion guide this morning, and have backgrounds for the first of the 66 cards underway this morning.

The Deck will be based around the Head-Heart-Belly magick balancing system used in the series. Each card is a concept represented by a character or location in the series.

The first three cards to be painted are:

Card Zero - The Seeker -Saorsa Stuart Card One - The Magician - Thomas Scott Card Two - The Defender - Alexander Scott

Some cards echo cards in the Tarot, such as The Seeker (Saorsa), The Magician (Thomas), The Lovers (William and Maria), The Moon (Worship and Praise), and The Tower (Buccleuch). There is no minor Arcana - but just like Tarot, you do read the cards reversed!

Back to the studio to paint! Pictures coming soon! My tentative goal is to have the deck out by Imbolc (Alex's birthday) at the beginning of February!

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