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Table Altar Giveaway Results!

We had a fantastic time at Metaphysical Musings in West Va. this past weekend - it was so fantastic to be out talking with members of our community and wishing everyone a happy Samhain! Idol Hands and Darkflower joined forces at the booth to do a table altar giveaway- people who joined our mailing lists would be entered to win one of two table altars with witchy accessories and resin art from Idol hands!

Thank you to everyone who entered...our winners are:

For the Join the Circle Altar: KIERA R!

For the Lord & Lady Altar: SUZANNE M!

Send me your addresses at or through this site and we'll get your goodies shipped out to you pronto!

OUR NEXT GIVEAWAY ON THIS SITE WILL BE THE LAST WEEK OF NOVEMBER! Watch your inbox for a notification that it's time to enter!

We hope everyone had a lovely Samhain - don't forget to pop over to Idol Hands' Facebook page to see what's new there!

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