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Poppet Photos!

To accompany my little book on poppets coming out later this week (titled Of Clay and Cloth) I have recently been creating a lot of magickal dolls. I'm teaching a class at Moon Phased in two weeks on poppet making as well. Stuffing, felt, buttons, embroidery floss, and all manner of little trinkets have taken over my work space, and I'm creating the dolls under the name Bonewytch. I took them to the Crossroads market in Manassas, thinking I'd sell a few and open up my Bonewytch etsy shop with the rest.

The next thing I knew they were gone! I even sold my class samples! So now I'm creating poppets left and right to get ready for class, upcoming markets, and to fill the special orders I've received. Bonewytch Poppets is up and running!

Here are some recent pics of healing dolls....more in the book, available soon at markets and on Amazon!

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