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Our Pagan Circle: An Interview with Kaylin Weise of Kit's Craft Shop

Our interview series continues with the marvelous Kit Weise, and boy, does she have cool treasures for you!

Welcome, Kit! It's nice to meet you! Please tell us your name and business name, a brief description of your business or practice, and how long you have been working in the pagan community.

My name is Kaylin Weise (most folks just call me Kit) and my small business is called Kit's Craft Shop. We specialize in Oddities, Curiosities, Crafts, Decor and more. KCS's mission is to spread creativity and love through all creations. Our motto is "Never Lose Your Fire and Stay Inspired!" I have been working in the pagan/surrounding communities for six years with my business but have been an on-and-off participant for even longer.

Where are you geographically based?

Richmond, Virginia.

Do you have a shop or website or both?

You can find me online in the following places:

What first drew you to this line of work?

In 2018, I officially opened up online shopping for Kit’s Craft Shop (I was just finishing college at the time- so I did not have a big inventory). By the time of Summer of 2019, I was attending local events with a full inventory of items I had created. Since then, I have opened several social media accounts and have partnered up with several other vendors and shop owners. I hope to continue exploring, experimenting, and enjoying my days as a craft vendor. The mission for Kit’s Craft Shop is “to spread creativity and love through all creations” and I continue to do this every day.

Please tell us a bit about your background. How did you end up doing what you do today?

Growing up in a different time than now, we did not always have the internet to play with nor lived in an urban area to make and play with lots of friends. My imagination took up a lot of my time to make up for casual boredom. As time went on, I found myself enjoying arts, music, and a sense of adventure. I was never the best at anything, but there was one thing I did know I was good at- multitasking and imagination. From then on, I learned all kinds of arts and crafts. I could never stick to just one idea or thought. I was always working on another project with another medium.

After years and years of practice, people took notice of my casual hobby and told me that what I made was worth something. I began to think on a larger scale- I want to keep making things but I can not keep everything I make as it would take up too much room, so why not sell the things I love and enjoy to make to those who could truly appreciate all the items I create? I then began brainstorming and doing research on what I could do and what would I call myself. I thought of using my last name originally, but my sister (who is a photographer) already used it. I thought to myself “I want to be original, I can not copy after her”. So then I thought deeper into who I was. The next thought was Pokémon related. I thought of calling my shop “Flare-On Crafts and Gifts” as I love Flareon so much (hence how we have a firefox logo now). But then I thought, well, that makes me feel like all I would make would be Pokémon related items- and knowing myself I was always changing things up. So I pondered upon this even more. Eventually, I came to my conclusion of what to call my shop. Most of my friends had a couple of nicknames for me, but one of them always really stood out and was easy for people to say. “Kit” was the name and it was a nickname I had started using since my early RPG days of Ragnarok Online. My older sister and myself created it together and named my first ever character “Kit Funaki”. From then on, most of my online friends and even irl friends started to refer me as Kit. It felt so right and original to myself that I named my shop “Kit’s Craft Shop”; and since then, it has been a permanent name that I loved for my little craft shop.

Please share with us a bit about what inspires you.

I am constantly finding ways to express myself and my thoughts through my work Everything we do, we do it with a purpose. Not every item has an intention but know that a lot of love went into making something spectacular.

What new projects do you have in the works for 2024?

We are constantly working on things as we continue to grow. We recently acquired a 3-D printer!

Any upcoming events can we find you at?

Yes! We have a ton of events this year, we have a lot of popup shops but we have some big conventions like the Oddities & Curiosities Expo, World Oddities Expo, Galaxycon Nightmare Weekend, and so many more! Folks can find our monthly schedule on our Facebook page and our yearly schedule on our website.

What is your favorite part about interacting with the pagan community?

Meeting so many folks in the different communities. I consider myself a Solitary Scavenger Green Witch, so my practices are mostly alone or in my work of arts. Being able to see people from all sorts of backgrounds is nice because I get to learn about folks from different backgrounds and I am always learning something new.

Do you have any favorite pagan websites, authors, artists, musicians, groups, podcasts or practices you'd like to share?

My favorite author has to be Erin Murphy-Hiscock, they have so many great books and I feel like I'm constantly referring to them. The hardcovers are nice as well if you enjoy the feel of a good book.

Anything else you'd like to share with us?

Most things about what we do can be found on our social media pages, we also accept commissions!

Thank you so much, Kit! We hope you have a fabulous market season this year!

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