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Hello, folks! Out of all the classes I teach, the Poppets and Healing Dolls Class is one of the most popular. And so...starting at the Witches' Pride event in Fredericksburg, VA on September 2nd, the Darkflower Books & Folk Art Booth will have POPPET KITS! Pictures of the first three designs are below!

Not anywhere near Virginia but want a Poppet Kit? Drop me a line at or write me through the site! Kits are $35 (which includes shipping if you are in the continental U.S.). The shop function isn't set up here yet, so we'll have to Venmo or Paypal for now.

Kits include:

-pre-cut felt for the front and back of the poppet

-accessories like buttons, charms, a charged stone from my altar, and felt cut-outs (different for each kit)

-needle, needle threader, embroidery floss, and thimble


-complete instructions, including how to activate your poppet and write the spell it uses


And because you all are so nice to visit my site, I will also throw in a signed copy of my poppet book, Of Clay and Cloth.

If you can thread a needle, and tie a knot and own a pair of scissors for snipping, you can make a poppet! Kits come in six colorways:

Fire: The kit will have red, orange, and yellow threads and accessories

Air: The kit will have white, yellow, gold, and silver-toned threads and accessories, with a hint of blue

Earth: Accessories and threads in this kit will be greens, browns, and greys

Water: Accessories and threads in this kit are blues with a bit of green

Spirit: Purple, pink, and white accessories and threads will come with your kit

Abyss: It's all blacks, whites, and grays for the accessories and threads in this kit

Here are the kits that will be available:

The Anti-Inner Demon Kit: Send your Inner Demon Screamin'!

This adorable Daemon is about 10" tall when finished. He's a great companion while you break bad habits! The heart pouch on his tummy holds a charged tiger's eye stone to help release old energy that no longer serves you, and is where you tuck a note about what behaviors you wish to change so he can help digest them...yum yum, letting go is good for the belly!

Wanna Feel Sunny? Run for Your Bunny!

The rabbit is a symbol of transformation in Celtic culture. Whether you are healing a physical injury or need healing for the heart and soul, this little poppet is there to cuddle you through it. He's about 10" tall has a fluffy cotton tail and a pocket on the back which holds a tumbled charged amethyst to help give you the strength and courage to move forward. Charms for around his neck may vary based on what's living on my altar that week!

Don't take a hittin'...send in The Kitten!

This sweet 10" kitty is all about protection. He may look like a starry-eyed guy, but he's a total brawler. There's a pocket on his back holding a charged black stone (jet, obsidian, or hematite), and the charm around his neck may change based on what's on my altar this week, but it's all about keeping you safe. Use this cool cat to scare off bad energies, bad dreams, and return back any negativity to the sender.

More kits are in the works, including a Reiki Distance Healing Doll Kit and a Goddess Power Poppet! And this winter...finished and charged poppets will be available on!

Have an awesome week, everyone! Happy Spooky Season!

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