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Looking for Two Volunteer Test Readers for the Wyldwood Prequel!

Hello, Spiral Pathways readers! It has been so wonderful to connect with so many of you as you read Wyldwood, Circle of Three, Deck of Crows, and Darkflower. The next book in the series, Bonewytch, is underway and I hope to have it out sometime between Samhain and Yule. I hope you enjoyed the moment of peace at the end of the last book, because this one is quite the ride!

I've also been working on a prequel series, and the draft of Book One should be done at the end of this week! The Ballad of Birdie MacLeod won't be released right away...I'm wanting to explore the traditional publishing route with it for a bit before I self-publish...and so it probably won't come out until next year. I anticipate the prequel series being four books, and yes, there are some VERY familiar faces in it! It takes place on Skye two weeks before William meets Maria at the beginning of Circle of Three, and has MAJOR reveals connected to characters in the Spiral Pathways Series!

I have a few wonderful test readers lined up to give me feedback on the manuscript but am looking for two more volunteer readers. If you are interested, please write to me at and the first two who respond will be added to the test reader group!

Things to know before you decide to write me:

-It is in electronic form only, in the form of word or a Google doc, so if you hate reading on a device you probably want to take a pass on this one.

-It is unedited, so be ready for the occasional error.

-I am hoping for feedback about the characters, storyline, and where you noticed tie-ins to the original if you haven't read the other series, please skip this invite for now.

-The book is appropriate for persons 18 and older. There is mature content and language.

-There is violence in the book. See that pirate flag up top? Hint, hint, hint.

-Please don't pass the draft around...this is for your eyes only! And please don't post any spoilers online if you are a test reader so that the fun isn't ruined!

Does all that sound good to you? Are you ready for good witchy fun in the western isles of Scotland? Write to me and if you are one of the first two to respond then you'll sail away at the end of this week with The Ballad of Birdie MacLeod!

Thanks, everyone!

-Tava Baird

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