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HEY! YOU! WANT A SKULL? It's Giveaway Time!

The Wheel of the Year is turning us towards Samhain, and there's a TON going on here at Darkflower! But most importantly....PRESENTS!! It's Darkflower Books & Folk Art's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY and I love each and every one of you for your support of my artwork and writing. Y'all flippin' ROCK.

My dear friends at Idol Hands resin art have made THREE one-of-a-kind skulls for you to win! All you need to do is email me at and tell me which one is your favorite by THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19 at 6 PM EST. I will enter you to win that skull and a box full of Darkflower Halloween surprises! Oh, and please give me your name and address! I'm not going to use it to mail anything but your present if you win, I promise. Feel free to pass this on to your friends or re-post...everyone's invited to enter!

I'll pop all the names in jars and pull out the winners on Thursday night and announce them here, on Instagram, and on Facebook. If you win, you will get:

-Your one-of-a kind Idol Hands resin skull (they are the size of a large paperweight, and fit nicely in your hand!)

-An 8" by 10" print of the painting featured on the cover of Bonewytch (release date: November 2023!)

- A signed copy of Singing to the Bones: A Bonecaster's Notebook

-Whatever fun Samhain treats I decide to toss in, such as crystals or stones, candy, stickers, etc.

-A tote bag with Darkflower artwork on it

-An additional metaphysical surprise from me for being SO FREAKING COOL

Your gift box will arrive Priority Mail and will ship out on October 20th if you enter.

And now...THE SKULLS

SKULL #1: DEEP VIOLET and GREEN (Let's call this one Agnes)

With a black base, dark violet petals, and green-yellow butterflies, Skull Number One is a complete stunner! And yes, you do see glitter!

SKULL #2: LIGHT PURPLE and RED (Let's call this one Mabel)

With light purple accents on a gravel base of black and bright red, this skull is SO COOL. Mabel looks like she drinks butterfly blood, and I'm here for it.

SKULL #3: PIIIINK!! (Let's call this one Jennifer.)

Want something on your desk that screams "springtime!" but also screams "DEATH!" ? I so have you covered. Look at this beauty. LOOK. AT. HER.

There they are! Enter, enter, enter! Wouldn't it be fun to win a box witchcraft sent to your door for free?

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