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Battle Cries of the Clans

In the Spiral Pathways series, there are numerous times when a character uses the Battle Cry of their clan. Clans used these cries to rattle their fighting foes and to help distinguish different sides during a battle. Traditional Battle Cries often invoke a location where Clan members would meet before marching into battle together, or will refer to an important site in the Clan's history, such as the location of the Clan's seat. In Wyldwood, both Alex and Saorsa use their clan's cries. Here are the cries, the translations, and the mottos of some of the Clans of the Spiral Pathways:

Clan Scott

Motto: "Amo" (I love)

Location: Scottish Borders

War Cry: The Scotts of Buccleuch actually have two: 'a Bellendaine! ("To Bellendaine!") Also, "The Scotts are out!" Alex uses both in the first book. Bellendaine refers to the head of the Borthwick Water in Roxburghshire, the gathering place of the clan.

Clan Stuart

Motto: "Virescit vulnere virtus" (Courage grows strong at a wound)

Location: Highlands and Lowlands

War Cry: "Creag an Sgairbh!" (“Cormorants Rock”) to commemorate first clan castle, Castle Stalker, built around 1540 by Duncan Stewart of Appin. It sits at the mouth of Loch Laich by Loch Linnhe on a rocky islet known as the Rock of the Cormorants.

Clan Bruce

Motto: "Fuimus" (We have been)

Location: Lowlands

War Cry: "Garg’n Uair Dhuisgear" (“Fierce when rosed”) Perhaps an old form of roused? -ed.

Clan MacDonald / MacDonell

Motto: "Per Mare Per Terras" (By Sea and Land), referring to the Clan's location on the Isle of Skye

Location: Highlands

War Cry: " Creagan an fhithich" (“The Rock of the Raven”) , the place of Clan’s Tower, or "Fraoch eilean" ("the Heathery Isle"), depending on Clan Branch.

Clan MacLeod

Motto: The MacLeods have an old motto: "Murus aheneus esto" (Be then a wall of brass) and a newer one: "Hold Fast"

Location: Highlands

War Cry: It appears "Hold Fast!" may also be used as the MacLeod war cry.

On of my favorite mottos belongs to Clan Kerr: "Sero sed serio" ("Late but in earnest"). As in: "Hey, guys, sorry we're late for the battle, but we're super excited for it!"

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