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Come to the Witch's Cottage...

OH MY GODDESS...we've redecorated! has had a MAJOR overhaul! There's now an online store (with more items being added all the time), ways to register and pay for classes ALL IN ONE PLACE, a brand new calendar with a TON of markets, new class locations, and information, AND....

We're filming the first videos this weekend! In the next few weeks look for ONLINE CLASS VIDEOS, Introductory Witchcraft videos, Scottish history blogs, a brand-new giveaway, and MORE! entire online Spiral Pathways Witchcraft course is in development (the Beta test group runs through Level One beginning next Friday), which means Spiral Pathways Witchcraft Workbooks and their how-to videos should be up and running by early summer! What is Spiral Pathways Witchcraft? It's the method I have been developing and practicing for over 36 years and which lends itself to the artistic soul and has lots of hands-on projects which you will be able to share with others going through the course via the site this summer! If you've read the Spiral Pathways series, you'll recognize many of the elements practiced by the witches in the books as I used them as the foundation for Mother Agnes and Saorsa's practice in the books. Lots of people who read the series come up to me and say, "is the witchcraft in the series real?" Heck YES IT IS, and you can explore the pathway for yourself this summer!

I'm so excited to be able to start bringing you MUCH MORE content, especially if you live far away from the area and we can't see each other in a class or at a gathering. Pop on over to the site and see what is in development...within the month there will be guest bloggers, regular articles, recipes, and resources to help you on your path.

And if you ARE in the Winchester area...come see the new line of prints, tote bags, Dark Goddess poppet kits, altar brooms, and the first hard copies of The Ballad of Birdie MacLeod at the mini indoor Imbolc Market at Moon Phased in Winchester, 10-5. I'll be right in front of the Tarot wall when you walk in the door!

The next giveaway will be on this site at the end of next week!!

Thank you, as always, for visiting my little online home....


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