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Book One in the Spiral Pathways Series


A Novel of The Scottish Borders

September 1746, the Scottish Borders. In a country still reeling from the Jacobite uprising, Saorsa Stuart, Bonnie Prince Charlie's niece and a practicing Celtic Witch, has escaped imprisonment and must find her way west in search of her father and safety. Escorting her on the journey is Alexander Scott, a veteran of the Battle of Culloden who struggles with a dark supernatural secret. Part Faerie Tale, part romance, part adventure novel, and at its core the story of a young woman finding her own power, Wyldwood is a love story to the heritage of the Scottish Borders and the ancient tales of Scotland.

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Book 2 is Here!

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Circle Of Three

The journey through the Borders moves forward...and back into the past.

Circle Of Three continues Saorsa's story and also introduces the origin tales of two more strong women: Maria Stuart and Adamina Scott, Saorsa and Alex's mothers. As Alex and Saorsa return to places from their past to unlock the mysteries that await there, they will encounter a host of characters, both Human and Faerie, who will reveal that in the Borders, things are never what they seem. 

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Book 3, The Deck of Crows, is now available on Amazon!

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About the Author / Artist

Tava Baird is a playwright, painter, basket maker and avid fan of history who resides in Round Hill, Virginia. While researching her Scottish and Irish family history, she found material with which to write Wyldwood, her first novel. The book is now a series, with Book 2, Circle of Three, due in early June 2022.

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Paintings By Tava Baird

Ancestors_ Air, Water, Earth, Spirit, and Fire.jpg
"The Ancestors: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit"
Acrylic on Canvas
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Fire In the Belly.jpg
"Fire in the Belly"
Acrylic on Canvas
"Goddess of Spring"
"Elen of the Ways"
Acrylic on Canvas
Queen of the Western Isles.jpg
"Queen of the Western Isles"