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The series continues with characters practicing Spiral Pathways witchcraft throughout!


A Gift from Faerie…

Armed with a Faerie relic of immense power they know nothing about, Saorsa Stuart and Alexander Scott are seeking answers in the Scottish Borders. As their journey continues, they discover they are pawns in a complex game much larger than they previously realized. While struggling to evade capture by both the Crown and forces from Faerie, they must seek out the myths and legends of the Scottish Borders to discover who is behind the capture of their friends and loved ones and what it is they want. Can they find a way to rescue their allies before time runs out? Or will the Blade of the Dead tear them to pieces before they ever have the chance?

Book 3 The Spiral Pathways: Deck of Crows (Signed Copy), Fiction

  • Please let us know if anything is physically wrong with your book within three weeks of purchase and we will happily replace it or, if necessary, issue a refund.

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