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Happy Tuesday! Are you in need of a little bit of magick today? How about a little *sexy* magick? Have I got a giveaway for you, and they are named after two drool-worthy Scottish men from my Spiral Pathways series:

First, meet Alex. This is the front of Alex:

....and this is the back of Alex:

Alex is a hand-poured and hand-painted one of a kind resin statue by Idol Hands (get on over to their Facebook page at His gorgeous self is 4" tall and would make a killer paperweight to keep you company at your desk. If you win him, he comes with a package of blue-themed Faerie and butterfly stickers for your journal or what have you.

And then, there's Thomas:

He's got a little bit of gold glitz on his wings, and also has a nickname: "The Magician" (perhaps because of the magick he stirs up, raaaawwwwrrrrr.) Here's the back of him:

Look at those...wings. Yes, you should definitely be captivated by those...wings. Not his tush. Definitely not his tush. If you win him, he comes with a pack of lovely pale yellow Faerie and butterfly stickers.

To enter, go HERE:

and fill out the form! Giveaway ends at 5 pm on Tuesday, March 5th, and we'll announce the winner that night!

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